The statistical classification of economic activities NACE Rev. 2 (NACE) is available in the service. The data finder shall have the possibility of searching for records according to an excerpt of the NACE code, SIC code or code description. In the response data, according to the selected NACES code, a list of companies available in the Lursoft database for which information on the registered NACES code is selected. The list shows the NACE data recorded for the current year for the company.


This section includes a variety of activities that support general business operations. These activities differ from those in section M, since their primary purpose is not the transfer of specialised knowledge.
Rental and leasing activities
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This division includes the rental and leasing of tangible and non-financial intangible assets, including a wide array of tangible goods, such as automobiles, computers, consumer goods, and industrial machinery and equipment, to customers in return for a periodic rental or lease payment. It is subdivided into: (1) the rental of motor vehicles, (2) the rental of recreational and sports equipment and personal and household equipment, (3) the leasing of other machinery and equipment of the kind often used for business operations, including other transport equipment and (4) the leasing of intellectual property products and similar products.

Only the provision of operating leases is included in this division.

This division excludes:
- financial leasing, see 64.91
- rental of real estate, see section L
- rental of equipment with operator, see corresponding classes according to activities carried out with this equipment, e.g. construction (section F), transportation (section H)
Employment activities
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This division includes activities of listing employment vacancies and referring or placing applicants for employment, where the individuals referred or placed are not employees of the employment agencies, supplying workers to clients' businesses for limited periods of time to supplement the working force of the client, and the activities of providing other human resources.

This division includes:
- executive search and placement activities
- activities of theatrical casting agencies

This division excludes:
- activities of agents for individual artists, see 74.90
Travel agency, tour operator and other reservation service and related activities
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This division includes the activity of agencies, primarily engaged in selling travel, tour, transportation and accommodation services to the general public and commercial clients and the activity of arranging and assembling tours that are sold through travel agencies or directly by agents such as tour operators, and other travel-related services including reservation services.
The activities of tourist guides and tourism promotion activities are also included.
Security and investigation activities
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This division includes security-related services such as: investigation and detective services, guard and patrol services, picking up and delivering money, receipts, or other valuable items with personnel and equipment to protect such properties while in transit, operation of electronic security alarm systems, such as burglar and fire alarms, where the activity focuses on remote monitoring these systems, but often involves also sale, installation and repair services. If the latter components are provided separate, they are excluded from this division and classified in retail sale, construction etc.
Services to buildings and landscape activities
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This division includes the provision of a number of general support services, such as the provision of a combination of support services within a client's facilities, the interior and exterior cleaning of buildings of all types, cleaning of industrial machinery, cleaning of trains, buses, planes, etc., cleaning of the inside of road and sea tankers, disinfecting and exterminating activities for buildings, ships, trains, etc., bottle cleaning, street sweeping, snow and ice removal, provision of landscape care and maintenance services and provision of these services along with the design of landscape plans and/or the construction (i.e. installation) of walkways, retaining walls, decks, fences, ponds, and similar structures.
Office administrative, office support and other business support activities
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This division includes the provision of a range of day-to-day office administrative services, as well as ongoing routine business support functions for others, on a contract or fee basis.
This division also includes all support service activities typically provided to businesses not elsewhere classified.
Units classified in this division do not provide operating staff to carry out the complete operations of a business.