The statistical classification of economic activities NACE Rev. 2 (NACE) is available in the service. The data finder shall have the possibility of searching for records according to an excerpt of the NACE code, SIC code or code description. In the response data, according to the selected NACES code, a list of companies available in the Lursoft database for which information on the registered NACES code is selected. The list shows the NACE data recorded for the current year for the company.


This section (as a residual category) includes the activities of membership organisations, the repair of computers and personal and household goods and a variety of personal service activities not covered elsewhere in the classification.
Activities of membership organisations
Description Latvian companies Estonian companies
This division includes activities of organisations representing interests of special groups or promoting ideas to the general public. These organisations usually have a constituency of members, but their activities may involve and benefit non-members as well. The primary breakdown of this division is determined by the purpose that these organisations serve, namely interests of employers, self-employed individuals and the scientific community (group 94.1), interests of employees (group 94.2) or promotion of religious, political, cultural, educational or recreational ideas and activities (group 94.9).
Repair of computers and personal and household goods
Description Latvian companies Estonian companies
This division includes the repair and maintenance of computers peripheral equipment such as desktops, laptops, computer terminals, storage devices and printers.
It also includes the repair of communications equipment such as fax machines, two-way radios and consumer electronics such as radios and TVs, home and garden equipment such as lawn-mowers and blowers, footwear and leather goods, furniture and home furnishings, clothing and clothing accessories, sporting goods, musical instruments, hobby articles and other personal and household goods.
Excluded from this division is the repair of medical and diagnostic imaging equipment, measuring and surveying instruments, laboratory instruments, radar and sonar equipment, see 33.13.
Other personal service activities
Description Latvian companies Estonian companies
This division includes all service activities not mentioned elsewhere in the classification. Notably it includes types of services such as washing and (dry-)cleaning of textiles and fur products, hairdressing and other beauty treatment, funeral and related activities.