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Research and experimental development on biotechnology
This class includes research and experimental development on biotechnology:
- DNA/RNA: genomics, pharmacogenomics, gene probes, genetic engineering, DNA/RNA sequencing/synthesis/amplification, gene expression profiling, and use of antisense technology
- proteins and other molecules: sequencing/synthesis/engineering of proteins and peptides (including large molecule hormones), improved delivery methods for large molecule drugs, proteomics, protein isolation and purification, signalling, identification of cell receptors
- cell and tissue culture and engineering: cell/tissue culture, tissue engineering (including tissue scaffolds and biomedical engineering), cellular fusion, vaccine/immune stimulants, embryo manipulation
- process biotechnology techniques: fermentation using bioreactors, bioprocessing, bioleaching, biopulping, biobleaching, biodesulphurisation, bioremediation, biofiltration and phytoremediation
- gene and RNA vectors: gene therapy, viral vectors
- bioinformatics: construction of databases on genomes, protein sequences, modelling complex biological processes, including systems biology
- nanobiotechnology: applies the tools and processes of nano/microfabrication to build devices for studying biosystems and applications in drug delivery, diagnostics etc.

Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
This class includes:
- research and experimental development on natural science and engineering other than biotechnological research and experimental development:
• research and development on natural sciences
• research and development on engineering and technology
• research and development on medical sciences
• research and development on agricultural sciences
• interdisciplinary research and development, predominantly on natural sciences and engineering

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